Facing West Shadow Opera: Winter 2015

FWSO (FACING WEST SHADOW OPERA) https://facingwestshadowtheatre.wordpress.com/about/

had a wildly beautiful workshop rehearsal in early December 2015 with musical arrangement and performances by William Sauerland (Countertenor) and Adam Young (Cello). Video projections & animation by Lydia Greer in addition to guest animation by New York based artist John Greer. Art Direction as always by cofounders Jessica Eastburn and Lydia Greer with the ever wonderful Kim Roudebush in addition to Lydia Greer & Jessica Eastburn as a puppeteer. Artist and theatre practitioner Caryl Kientz from ShadowLight Productions was our consultant and an excellent extra pair of eyes during the workshop rehearsal. We held our rehearsal at Lydia’s shared 1,100 sq ft. studio space in Alameda, CA. Quinn Peck took fabulous photos. We are looking forward to the world premiere of our puppet opera/film performance in the Spring of 2016! Questions? Want to book us in the Spring or Fall of 2016? Contact Lydia at lydiakgreer@gmail.com

ABOUT: https://facingwestshadowtheatre.wordpress.com/about/



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